Logic and ritual are two elements that we at Triumph & Disaster most value. In our series My Rituals, we explore the daily ceremonies of those around us.


As a photographer, you face early mornings, late nights and long days on your feet. It's a glamorous gig from the outside but for those behind the lens, it can be a hard slog.


Fashion photographer and emerging talent Jordan Drysdale knows this firsthand. The young gun has already spent countless hours behind the lens, shooting for the likes of Converse, Nobody Denim, i-D Australia and Dazed and Confused magazine.


We asked for his rituals and how he resets for a new day ahead.




What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?


Cuddle my two dogs, Waffles and Blossom.


How do you prepare for those very busy days?


I wake up early and allow time/patience for set-backs throughout the day (they'll happen). 


What’s your most important ritual... daily?

Checking social media channels. It's a great source of inspiration and networking for my photography work.




I adore listening to my Discover Weekly playlist each week via Spotify. It truly understands me. 




I create lists so I know exactly what I'm doing at all times. I honestly rewrite my weekly/monthly schedule multiple times to keep in touch with my consistently inconsistent (yet fabulous) career and lifestyle.


What’s the ritual that breathes you most life?


Weekly or monthly dinner parties with loved ones. I believe they're a healthy and inspired ritual for creating happiness in your soul. 


What’s the ritual that most brings you peace?


Cooking and cleaning, while listening to my Jazz/Blues/Bossa Nova playlist. Especially at night accompanied by dim light.


How do you wind down at night?


Reflect on my day, and theirs, with a close friend. I love to verbalise my reactions to the day, by chatting to somebody I love.


What’s your skincare routine?


I have very sensitive skin, especially after shaving. Hence, I keep my skin hydrated by drinking lots of water and moisturising twice a day. 


Who do you best like to practise rituals with?


Me, myself and I for things I prefer to do individually, and with my close friends for group activities. 


Favourite background music for your rituals?


Bossa Nova. Joao Gilberto never goes astray. 


Rituals are… 


The formation of a lifestyle, so ensure they bring you contentment.