Our People


Dion was an athletic and sometimes fiery all-rounder in the cauldron that is international cricket. After retiring from the New Zealand cricket team in 2002 he made the transition into the world of business via Kiwi vodka company 42Below. While there, by various acts of subterfuge, audacity and cunning, he earned the title of marketing director.

Years of playing cricket under the hot sun gave Dion a logical understanding of skin and skincare, so in April 2011 he went out on his own and launched the men's grooming range Triumph & Disaster.

When he is not working Dion is a keen but at times misguided guitarist and spends much of his spare time writing ditty's for his band.


Dan's business card reads consigliere, none of us know what that means but we do know he runs New Zealand sales and marketing.

Dan was the first official employee at Triumph & Disaster and signed on in 2012 over a coffee in a Wellington City cafeteria. He started selling in the capital before moving to Auckland to look after New Zealand sales. He was still at uni but loved his job so much he decided to leave studying to the pro's and work full time for T&D instead.

When he is not working Dan enjoys horse riding, reading and taking long walks by himself in New Zealand's national parks.


Jane is T&D’s accountant extraordinaire or as her business card says ‘essential’, we are inclined to agree. Formally a clean living straight laced type, Jane has clearly suffered at the hands of T&D culture in recent times as she can now regularly be found indulging a high grade coffee addiction whilst simultaneously courting a recently acquired taste for fine tequila’s. It should be said that for some time Jane was the only female in the T&D office, forcing her to muster all 15 years of professional accounting background just to keep her hair from going straight, it was not long however before the boys were ship shape and Bristol fashion (Jane says jump, we say how high). Jane has a wicked sense of humour, loves numbers, process and has a penchant for flamboyant application of post it notes.


Former New Zealand Cricketer Reece used to catch balls for a living, now he catches and dispatches freight and looks after our products and logistics. After 14 years playing professional cricket Reece decided he needed a change of tack and so joined the Triumph & Disaster team in March 2013.

Pretty much the only time we hear from him is when something goes wrong. But Reece is a great safe pair of hands and a crucial adult in the team.


Hailing from New Zealand’s Far North town of Kaikohe, Amanda is T&D’s head of Propaganda. Amanda’s favourite past-time as a child was tending her menagerie of stray animals, including cats, dogs, rabbits, birds and a calf called Pixie Caramel; clearly a future in Veterinary services beckoned. Alas even best laid plans seldom come to pass, so it was a Masters of Management Studies at the University of Waikato instead. Then first stop Griffins Foods and although focused on marketing it did lead to a brush with one furry friend in the shape of ‘Cookie Bear’. Amanda then moved to London where she worked with Jacob’s Biscuits, Sara Lee, Heinz, Mars Chocolate and Starbucks – to this day she still drinks dodgy ‘Americano’s with cream’ much to the chagrin of the office coffee ‘aficionados’. Now Amanda is back in Aoteoroa for good, her travel bug kicked, husband and family boxes ticked, rocking and rolling as T&D’s marketing and PR guru. In her spare time, you might find Amanda at a boxing class, playing bridge, or patting stray dogs outside a local school – some habits being harder to kick than others.


As another slightly haggard ex NZ cricketer making his appearance in the T&D lineup, Kerry confirms T&D as an official dumping ground for 'has-been' sportspeople.

Kerry describes himself as far and away the most talented ex-cricketer on the T&D staff, putting his lack of international game time down to a greater prowess in off field pursuits when compared with his peers.

After finishing his playing career Kerry has assumed many personas, drifting like a lost John Rambo from town to town, job to job, before stumbling upon T&D as a potential future employer.
At which point it must be said, his focus has been keen, like a dog with a bone he has harassed, gnawed and generally bullied his way into the role of online sales and marketing co-ordinator (whatever that is); whichever the case, we are glad to have the big fella on board.


Ben is the other pair of feet (some would say younger, faster, stronger feet) on the street in Australia. Hailing from the sunny slopes of Epsom, Auckland, Ben was a keen and enthusiastic student, responsible for organizing many clubs, social activities and community events. Ben represented his school in no less that six sports, including chess and drafts and would go on to be captain of the debating team and eventually founder/president of the petanque club. But it was as a scarfie in New Zealand's University town of Dunedin that Ben really found his calling. Here he carved out an exclusive niche as a microbiologist come economist, as it turns out a perfect grounding for a future in skin, for now he is responsible for Australia's marketing, logistics and social media coverage including but not limited to regular shots & commentary of the office dog - Lucy. Actually Ben is a rockstar sales guy who keeps the rest of us abreast of current events among the youth of today.

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