Dion is a former international cricketer, having represented New Zealand for a nearly a decade before retiring due to a series of injuries. Dion’s passion for skincare dates back to his long days spent enduring sun, wind and sweat whilst toiling away at professional sport. This industrial exposure to the effects that environment has on skin formed Dion’s initial skincare regimen and later the basis for T&D’s ethos around how to look after and protect our bodies most valuable asset – our skin. Since founding Triumph & Disaster in April 2011, Dion has worked tirelessly to find the best chemists, ingredients and advisers to ensure T&D is at the very forefront of a clean, natural, ethical skincare revolution. Dion continues to evolve and develop T&D’s internal ideology to ensure what we put on our skin and how we protect it from the environment, utilises the latest green science with proven, effective, natural ingredients to deliver performance that leads the market, a commitment to excellence and evolving the game that will forever be core to the brands DNA.

Phil Ashton


Raised in Nottingham, and having spent time living in Australia and New Zealand, Phil Ashton now heads up our UK & Europe operations from London.
With a keen interest in fashion and grooming, Phil is extremely passionate about his role and the Triumph & Disaster brand.

Phil ensures that Triumph & Disaster responds to the evolving UK and European consumer trends, making sure the brand is always educating customers on the best possible rituals for skin, body, and haircare, to ensure they have the confidence to be the best they can be. Loves cooking, soul, blues, and guinness


Ben Luke


Hailing from the sunny, citrus filled slopes of Northland's, Kerikeri; Ben was once considered the ‘Pride of the North’ having been voted ‘Kerikeri high’ prom king runner-up, two years running. However, this title has been tarnished somewhat in recent times due in part to his recent move to the Big Smoke to take a job in Kiwifruit. Then skincare.
Something of a general knowledge whiz, Ben spends his spare time memorizing the lesser known constellations of the southern hemisphere, watching cricket and spell checking old exam papers. His first car was a Datsun. A keen golfer, Ben has caddied for a guy called Barry who on the 7th he advised the slope ran east to west. The putt, however, ran more south by south-east and that was the end of the niceties from Mr Obama.

Ben brings fresh legs and a great attitude to T&D, a keen nose for the sale and a never say die attitude. He uses his intellect combined with a rare kind of Northland street gumption that means he gets the job done. Ben’s business card says dealer, but he is much more than that to our team, a crucial cog you might say, in the machine. We will leave you with Ben’s favourite quote; “the pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”. Rock n Roll Ben.