We give you a stroll through the Caribbean

Ponsonby Road has always had a knack for flaring up the norm.  

Mick Jagger once played for free at the Glue Pot; infamously dubbed, as husbands got “stuck” at this advocate for the live music scene in the 80’s. It’s also the strip where the Pride Parade struts out in full force. 

Similarly we like to think we’re breaking boundaries of skincare and particularly for the men in our lives. Bestowing upon you, products that aren’t meant to be hidden away but the prized possession you triumphantly take out of your bag. 

Breaking boundaries is where we started when creating the fragrance of Ponsonby Pomade. As soon as you pull open the lid there’s a scent that’s familiar, but new to the pomade scene. 

It is cola nut which is the chestnut sized seed of trees from the Caribbean. The scent is as much fresh as it is a blend of limonene, the natural oil of citrus fruit peels. It’s an escape stroll through sunbeams (and if you sniff really hard the sea breeze of the Caribbean).

With a nod to Auckland’s artery of style Ponsonby Pomade aims to turn heads with the same ethos that the patrons of Auckland’s Ponsonby Road have displayed for generations, that is, work hard, play harder and look great at both.

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