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We pride ourselves on delivering products built from the pillars of ritual, character and fate. Each product is infused with bespoke Triumph & Disaster aromas, natural blends of complex notes that evoke old fashioned values from simpler times. We don't test on animals other than ourselves and we proudly utilise ingredients derived from nature but engineered with science, because we want to make clean, safe and efficient products that will make a difference.



Nat Cheshire meets with Triumph & Disaster

July 14, 2016

Nat Cheshire meets with Triumph & Disaster’s Dion Nash and talks about cars, grasping opportunity with both hands, lack of sleep, motivation, fear of failure and of course a bit about triumph and disaster. We hope you will enjoy what he had to say, it’s kind of important.


July 04, 2016

No chickens were counted prior to hatching and it paid off!  When they did hatch a beautiful, shiny new award was delivered to us, healthy and unconditionally loved by all at T&D.  We are the proud new parents of the E-commerce Exporter of the Year award (magnificently shown off by some of our NZ based crew...Reece, Dan and Dwayne).     Thank you to Air New Zealand and Quantium Solutions for recognising our hard work and commitment. We partied hard and celebrated on the night but got back to it the next morning/late morning to set our sights on next year and beyond. Continue Reading →

Not the Gold Yet

June 06, 2016

Triumph and Disaster has been selected as a finalist in the 2016 Air New Zealand Cargo Export NZ Awards.
Killer Hair Party - Volume II

June 02, 2016

The venue, ‘Something More café’ in the Central Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy was the perfect choice to stage a chilled gathering of friends and supporters to chat about all things "hair". Guests were greeted by layered jazz riffs from guitarist Jamal Zacharia, that colluded to create a kicked-back ‘Newport Jazz’ vibe. Banging Cocktails, sumptuous vino and hoppy craft beers ensured everyone was kept lubricated and refreshed, while some finger licking food ensured no one left hungry, T&D are after all, responsible hosts.

Triumph & Disaster Killer Hair Party Volume II