Revisiting our Sustainability Roadmap

It’s our longest standing love. Our Valentine this year is our commitment to the Earth as we revisit our sustainability strategy and reflect upon the continuous journey, marking where we are and how that aligns with where we are heading. 

We’re going to be honest, it’s easy to sideline and forget our commitments laid out in 2021 amongst the day-to-day running of the business. 

Working with the Circularity team based here in New Zealand has become pivotal, as we endorse their practice bringing circular by design thinking into all areas of our business; a root to the decision process. Akin to the Jerusalem artichoke bringing an unparalleled depth of flavor to a date night meal, it provides us with a foundation to measure ourselves up against, and ensure the longevity of T&D.


  • Packaging Materials
    Introduced sugarcane plastic as an alternative to our plastic tubes. This has helped us reduce our carbon footprint without compromising on the premium quality of T&D. Read about the details here.
  • Chemicals
    See our complete list of ingredients we use here, alongside a banned ingredient list of ones we pledge not to here
  • Men's Health Awareness
    Working closely with Lads without Labels, an epic student led charity organization, who champion men's mental health, providing students with tactical solutions such Life Skills for Lads.
        Stay up to date with the championing Lads without Labels team here.
    • Community Education
      Organized our first Beach Clean up with many lessons learnt along the way, read about it here.


      • Packaging Materials
        Working to update our plastic pumps (used for our Shampoo, Conditioner, and washes) so by the end of the year 100% of our packaging is able to be recycled, reused or composted.
      • Chemicals
        Achieve EWG certification by the end of the year, and work towards achieving B Corp certification propelling our business as a driver for economic systematic change.
      • Men's Health Awareness 
        Building out a fully established calendar for more activities and events surrounding men's health and continuously working with the Lads without Labels team.
      • Community Education
        Getting more businesses involved in our Beach Clean up this year, see you all there!
      • Transparency 
        Create an annual update to our sustainability report that clearly shows our progress.


        We are thankful to you our most important stakeholders for keeping us accountable. Here are a couple steps we have missed so far, to be prioritized in the coming year. 

        • Greenhouse Gases 
          Map out our carbon footprint and to develop a carbon reduction plan that sees us offset our emissions by 120%.
        • Water 
          Map our existing water usage and establish an efficiency score with our manufacturers.
        • Supporting like-minded businesses
          Have 100% of suppliers sign our code of conduct.

        It's a continuous journey as we map out sustainable practices adopted across different areas of the business, an ever-evolving process as new findings and tools become available to us. However, we are proud of the voyage so far, and the importance we have placed in effectively evolving in the need to best serve our community of stakeholders and consumers, in the hope of reaching and inspiring our wider community.

        It's not a straight road ahead, but for us it's about moving forward with a clear vision and the right map to guide us as we 'swim out and meet it'.

        Read our Sustainability Roadmap here

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