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This Father’s Day we are urging sons and daughters to swim upstream for a change by teaching their father a thing or two about the importance of healthy skin rituals.  

We believe that a whole generation of fathers missed out on the lesson that skincare rituals are worthy endeavors with which to start a day. From the art of a great shave, to the importance of exfoliating and protecting your skin, a great skincare routine is one of the best rituals.                 

When we looked into grooming routines and how they were established, we expected a certain level of ‘handing down of wisdom’ from father to son around skin care products, techniques and rituals.  However, in reality we found very little in the way of advice being passed down.  Some sons were lucky enough to be taught to shave by their dads. Others were simply given a razor and left to their own devices.  Virtually none had shared any thoughts about skincare, sun protection or indeed grooming.

In contrast, we found that our grandparents owned and valued various potions, lotions, oils and remedies, and this felt much more in tune with the message that a good skincare routine could be something to be proud of and passed down as wisdom. Somewhere in the ‘baby boomer’ era and beyond, the idea of using moisturiser, looking sharp or smelling nice, got lost.  

Thankfully, today’s generations are relearning old practices from earlier eras. You just need to look at the boom in the barber’s trade and specialist skincare and grooming products’ (from beard wax to pomades to tooth whitening cream) to see the change that is happening on the street.

So this Father’s Day, we are encouraging you to treat your dad to great skincare and haircare products, to start to build the foundations for daily grooming rituals.  We have put together a selection of what we think are great gift ideas to help kick off this process – all naturally-derived and packaged to impress. Check them out here Fathers Day Kitand teach your fathers well.                       

                                Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2017  Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2017                                  



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