A few clever hotels have sought out Triumph & Disaster to stock their amenities, as any good hotel should, really.


We consider it a sign of quality accommodation. Meaning if we ever go travelling, here's where we want to stay.


Image: The Old Clare Hotel


The Old Clare Hotel
1 Kensington Street, Chippendale NSW 2008


Built within two heritage buildings, this boutique hotel has a killer aesthetic. Just ask anyone who's visited. Exposed brick and stripped concrete walls are met with warm interiors, creating an inviting space that sits on the cutting edge of design. They've also woven a bit of cheek throughout each room, supplying canvas bags for guest use emblazoned with the words "Old Clare's Random Crap". The Old Clare recently underwent a renovation, so now's a good time to stay.


Find The Old Clare here.


Hutton Hotel

1808 West End Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203 USA 


The Hutton is a luxury boutique hotel that separates itself decidedly from typical Nashville accommodation. Merging contemporary design with a deep-seated elegance, it offers a striking contrast to its local counterparts. While further information is sparse on the Hutton website, visitor reviews say it all. 


Find Hutton Hotel here.



5 Sitzmark Street, Falls Creek VIC 3699


At the bottom of the slopes at Victoria's Falls Creek sits Astra, a luxury hotel to rival most others in this alpine village. Its warm interior borrows elements from the classic ski lodge (wood-panelled walls, leather, fur) for a contemporary design that is as inviting as it is modern. Well-considered furnishings are simply the cherry on top. Astra also boasts a wine cellar, pool and spa chamber, library, day spa, bar and restaurant, for a day well spent off the slopes. 


Find Astra here.


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