Best face wash for men of every skin type

Adrian Clark features Triumph & Disaster Ritual Cleanser in the GQ list of Best Face Washes For Men Of Every Skin Type.
Adrian writes 'Triumph & Disaster’s “less is more” approach to male maintenance has earned itself a loyal customer base, a following that has just been widened by being stocked for the first time at Mr Porter. Designed to specifically avoid drying and irritation, the refreshing Ritual foam cleanser, one of the heroes from this brand founded by ex-international New Zealand cricketer Dion Nash, forms the foundation for a healthy skincare routine that is suitable for all ages and all skin types. It employs the natural benefits of tamanu oil from Polynesia (an antioxidant with antibacterial healing qualities used for centuries to heal scars and treat burns, which aids skin elasticity), willow bark extract (which has acne-fighting properties so is perfect for those who are prone to breakouts), bentonite clay and peppermint oil (which is abundant with minerals and nutrients). Mild yet mighty, it also tones the skin as it cleans, leaving a peppermint-fresh aroma after rinsing.'

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