Spice in Best Men's Deodorant - Men's Journal

Men's Journal features Spice Deodorant in the list of '25 Best Deodorants for Men in 2022'.
Men's Journal writes 'Triumph & Disaster knows that sweat is a natural function of a normal, healthy body, so their deodorant doesn’t aim to stop sweat in its tracks. Rather, the natural deodorant works with the body to limit excess moisture and odor where necessary.

In their Spice Deodorant, natural ingredients like Manuka oil (controls odor), kawakawa extract (anti-inflammatory properties), aloe vera (inhibit bacterial and fungal activity), and baking soda (to mask the effect of odor-causing bacteria) work to keep odors at bay. The deodorant’s scent is exotic and spicy, with notes of frankincense, bay leaf, clove, and lavender.'


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