Best shaving creams for a baby faced glow

Triumph & Disaster's Old Fashioned Shave Cream was named among GQ's list of the best shaving creams for a baby faced glow.
GQ writes ' Described as as “part ritual, part preparation” by this maker of fuss-free men’s grooming essentials out of New Zealand, Old Fashioned Shave Cream sits at the crossroads of contemporary (natural) science and old-school experience. Featuring a combination of lanolin, a natural emollient that helps create a glide on the surface of the skin, and coconut oil extract (which gives the solution its lather), it is made available in either a traditional jar (for use with a brush) or a more practical tube dispenser. Just a little of this richly textured cream-to-foam formulation goes a very long way: with more than 100 shaves in every jar it is ideally suited to sensitive skin-types (although not exclusively) as it contains none of the chemical nasties that are now frowned upon, such as denatured alcohol or concentrated menthols. It also boasts a bright, fresh citrus scent with a hint of traditional Turkish barbershop.'

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