Shampoo in Best Smelling Shampoos for Men

Triumph & Disaster's Shampoo was among The Salt Lake Tribune list of 'Best smelling Shampoos for men in 2022'
The Salt Lake Tribune writes 'Triumph & Disaster Shampoo is both relaxing and spicy with notes of peppermint, acacia concinna, desert date and Tasmanian pepper. Each natural fragrance also works to improve the condition and feel of the hair and scalp. Peppermint stimulates hair growth as well as blood flow to the scalp, while also protecting the hair from damage.


Similar to the effects of peppermint, acacia concinna is full of antioxidants that stimulate hair growth, whereas desert data improves the shine and elasticity of the hair making it bouncier with more volume. Additionally, Tasmanian pepper actively soothes the scalp and reduces irritation and flakiness caused by dandruff and dirt buildup.

This shampoo is also reinforced with hydrolyzed keratin, which works to strengthen the hair and protect it from sun damage, heat damage and harmful chemicals while also decreasing the appearance of frizz. Argan oil is also a key ingredient in this shampoo. It not only moisturizes hair but helps to heal split ends and damaged hair and protects against further breakage.

Triumph & Disaster Shampoo definitely triumphs when it comes to improving the condition and scent of your hair. Not only does it smell manly, it contains no sulphates or silicones that can build up in your hair resulting in hair loss and breakage. Additionally, the brand is 100% natural with high quality ingredients. It’s definitely one to try.'


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