The story of Karekare Tonic

Imagine to yourselves a being like Nature, boundlessly extravagant, boundlessly indifferent, without purpose or consideration, without pity or justice, at once fruitful and barren and uncertain.
Friedrich Nietzsche 
Karekare beach can be duplicitous, at times a brooding, wind-swept, malevolent beast, at others an enigmatic friend that delivers a day in a million that resets your senses and opens ‘the doors of perception’, changing them forever. Karekare is a wild and windswept beach with glistening black sand, rich in iron that snakes in the wind like a sea of vipers, tongues biting and burning at your feet. Karekare is raw energy and beauty, bristling with impending violence, yet brim full of subtle secrets for the courageous who stay and play.


The creative brief for Karekare sea salt spray originally had the title – ‘Fear and Loathing’ – as a nod to the Hunter S Thomson counterculture classic. We even designed the artwork for that name. We wanted a provocative name to fit the product – which we knew to be epic, so we needed a name befitting such status.
As we progressed towards market though, we started to feel like we needed a name that although still ‘epic’ by nature, more reflected our provenance, still epic, just more New Zealand, Aotearoa, kind of epic.
We thought the product was great for revealing an inner wild child look, a look that reminded us of our youth; long summer days and nights on west coast beaches, surfing, hanging, dancing and surfing some more. 
 So, what better inspiration than that beach from our youth, or more specifically that one mind bending trip to Karekare beach all those years ago, friends exploring, searching, free, the very definition of your inner wild. Job done.
 And so we released Triumph & Disasters – Karekare Sea salt spray -a hair tonic for suppressed, cloistered, unloved hair. 
Karekare has been engineered to treat the scalp and hair in order to calm irritation, balance oil production and provide tensile strength to worn hair, whilst adding volume and wild west coast style to any hair type.
Completely natural and scientifically engineered Karekare is an exotic fusion of natural salts and essential root extracts, blended to deliver the very definition of wild, dangerous hair, in so doing it takes bland, dull, lifeless hair and drags it to the dance floor for one last intoxicating fling. Karekare is a true hair tonic in every sense, but especially because it calls out that slumbering, dormant, wild child and says, ‘it’s time to play’.

A few things you should know

1/ Karekare tonic creates dangerous, provocative hair our unique combination of ingredients guarantees to deliver funk, punk and seventies roller disco rolled into a twisted tantrum of inner wild.

2/ Willow Herb   treats your scalp as an anti-dandruff, anti-irritant tonic that calms enraged heads.

3/ UV protection - green tea and Zinc combine for essential year round UV protection from that bad ass in the sky.

4/ Oil regulation no one wants it but we all need it, the good oil that is, but it needs regulating, Epsom salts and willow bark combine to balance out heady oil levels.

5/ Protect thinning hair true story, Epsom salts clears out the blocked pores that can lead to thinning and oily hair.


UV Protection
Oil regulation


Adds texture & volume
Protects thinning hair

Key Ingredients

Sea Satin
Sea Satin is an oil soluble marine plant extract based off Beta Maritima, better known as the humble Sea Beet. Known for its ability to provide treatment from the root to the tip of the hair, Sea Satin increases volume, shine, silky feel and, suppleness, creating radiant, provocative hair. It will also promote protection from oxidative stress and other factors which cause hair aging, hair loss and scalp irritation.
 Alpine Willow Herb
Alpine Willow Herb is a unique natural plant from the Northern Canadian prairies which has developed strong multi-functional phytochemical properties to survive the harsh climate. The plant is a free radical scavenger reducing damage induced by oxidative stress. Willow Herb thus soothes acne-prone skin, reduces skin redness and has a fast relief of skin irritation induced by chemicals and UV exposure (within 30 minutes of use). Willow Herb can be used for anti-irritant and soothing care, for acne-prone skin, after sun care. 
 Epsom Salt
Epsom Salt is amazing! It adds body and shape to your hair, will activate curls for those Goldie lock types, removes excess oil from your scalp and keeps your head healthy. Plus, it clears the buildup of hair products on the scalp that lead to problems for people with thinning and/or oily hair. Finally, the minerals in Epsom salt actually strengthen damaged hair. Epsom Salt will "activate" curls by neutralising the excess negative charges on the surface of your hair’s keratin bringing it to its ideal pH point., through this process the quantity of hydrogen bonds is increased, thus making the hair curlier.  


For a vibrant, textured look, spray into damp or dry hair, style with your hands, comb or brush then let dry.

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