The Story of Logic Toner

1 bottle, 250ml, up to 6 months of daily usage per person. Our most economical product is also one of our most celebrated for its effect on the skin.
"Is this a shortcut to vastly improved skin? I wanna say… yes!"

"It feels amazing on your skin... It felt like I had received a facelift after applying... you can't really fault a toner like this"

"I definitely saw an improvement on my skin as it looked clearer and smoother"

To Tone or Not to Tone. That is the question.

Well, at least for some. Those who already use a toner know there’s no turning back. Others simply have no idea what a toner is.

What is a toner, anyway?

In short, a toner is a lightweight liquid that is used after cleansing to effectively complete the cleansing process and clarify the skin. Formulae differ, but mostly toners are used to remove excess residue like dust, pollution and impurities that can linger on the skin after cleansing.

Many cleansers can also alter the skin’s natural pH levels, so toners work to restore balance. They boost the skin’s natural hydration, meaning less oil production throughout the day, preventing oily complexions and acne.

Toning formulae can also work to shrink the appearance of pores, even out skin tone and can be used as a spot-treatment to target blemishes. Ultimately your skin will be left feeling toned, taut and refreshed.

Things you need to know

1/ Water based and Alcohol-Free (No Denatured Alcohol) – this means it is gentle on your skin and will not strip or dehydrate sensitive skin. 

2/ An Everyday Balancing/Cleansing/Hydrating Toner – Meaning ‘Logic’ works to balance, regulate and even out skin tone and appearance with a bespoke combination of known natural cleansing and toning agents.

3/ Natural acne treatment ingredients – well known natural alternatives to chemical washes, Witch Hazel and Tasmanian Pepper, work topically on the skins surface to treat and protect against acne.

4/ Reduces pores creating a smooth appearance – With regular, daily use by cleaning out excess oil and unwanted build-up ‘Logic’ will work to reduce pore size creating a smooth even skin tone.

5/ Soothes and treats the skin – this formulation has been developed with proven natural ingredients such as Mamaku Extract and Tasmanian Pepper for their natural soothing and calming qualities that leave skin feeling toned and calm.


Regulates & evens out skin tone
Treats & protects against acne
Reduces pores creating a smooth even skin tone
Soothes & treats skin


Alpine Willow Herb

Clinically proven to shrink and reduce pore size, whilst balancing sebum production. All benefits that lead to a visibly improved skin appearance. With results showing up to 56% in reduced inflammation.

Witch Hazel

A well known anti-acne agent. With its antioxidant, natural astringent and anti-inflammatory properties benefits skin tone. Medicinal benefits include reduced inflammation, cellular damage and swelling, preventing signs of aging and soothing wounds.

Ponga Fern

Natural to New Zealand, Ponga fern has natural properties that are proven to lift, reduce wrinkles and deliver a natural toning and tightening effect on your skin. Polysaccharides form an elastic film that tightens and lifts.


Simple. After cleansing your skin with warm water, splash your face with cold water. Then saturate a cotton pad with your toning formula and swipe it to your face and neck.

Focus on areas that tend to trap dirt, like your T-zone. (That’s your forehead, nose and chin, FYI). 

A good toner will also boost your moisturiser, so it's best to work it into a comprehensive skincare regime. For most skin types, we recommend kicking off with our Ritual face cleanser and Rock & Roll Face Scrub, followed by Logic to even out skin tone. Finish with a light amount of Gameface. All Triumph & Disaster products are made from natural active ingredients, so they work hard for most skin types, including those with sensitive skin. 


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