Day 2 - The only way out is through

Things got real, it rained, and for a short time the reality of the worlds impending cabin fever hit home. Steamed up windows, regurgitated oxygen, pet claustrophobia, human noise pollution, madness closed in around my workspace like deep winter mist. I had a momentary flash back of a 90’s dance party comedown, breathe, just breathe, even this will pass I muttered to myself as I rocked slightly in my seat.
Thank goodness for the work, something to focus on, something to do. I found myself doodling my work journal with small art pieces, doctoring the pages with thought and colour, a luxury not normally afforded to a work day, but now somehow entirely appropriate, neigh necessary to get the job done.
My intention was to be positive throughout the lockdown, if day two is anything to go by this might be more challenging than first thought, so to turn things around let me leave you with a Little known Axel Rose tune repurposed by Nora Jones that feels like it fits here…enjoy

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