Day 4 - The only way out is through

People are exercising their right to exercise. 
Every morning celebrity PT and Russel Brand look-alike, ‘Joe Wicks’ has become the nation's defacto PE teacher, streaming free PE classes to all the kids, with upwards of 3 million people having streamed his first session, it seems to be a pretty popular homeschool lesson for the kids (and I don’t doubt the mums are happy to see Joe on their screens each morning too).
The government advice is for people to exercise outside (keeping to the strict social distancing rules) once a day, and as spring has decided to play a cruel joke and arrive literally day one of lockdown, people are relishing this time outside. I’ve seen many more runners out than normal, whilst I'm out on my run, all passing each other at a safe distance of two meters. I guess our ‘yard time’ has become the highlight of the day, and maybe that urge to be as fit and healthy as possible, has really stuck a cord with lots of us. Will we come out of this a healthier nation? On the flip side, Gin & Tonic has never tasted so good in the evenings, once the babies are down but then life is all about balance!

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